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SPIDER LILY – Oversized Backprint T-Shirt

SPIDER LILY – Oversized Backprint T-Shirt

Original price was: 34,99 €.Current price is: 29,99 €.

  • Exclusive design by YM Apparel
  • Premium Graphic Tees
  • Oversize fit
  • Brilliant german print quality
  • 85% Organic cotton 15% recycled polyester
  • Ethically sourced garment

A cool japanese spider lily t-shirt with different writings on it that say what meaning this flower has in Japanese culture. Here are the Japanese-English translations: On the top right it says (思い出 : Omoide) memories; recollections; reminiscence and just below it says (紛失する: Hunshitsusuru) fallen, lost, on the left it says (ヒガンバナ科) Amaryllidaceae the flower family name and at the bottom, it says: (去る者日々に疎し) out of sight, out of mind; the dead are forgotten with time.

AHalf Chest54.55760636669
BBody Length626470737577
CSleeve Length11.512141617.519

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