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GHOST LILY – Oversize T-Shirt

GHOST LILY – Oversize T-Shirt

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  • Exclusive design by YM Apparel
  • Premium Graphic Sweaters
  • Oversize fit
  • Brilliant german print quality
  • 85% Organic cotton 15% recycled polyester
  • Ethically sourced garment

A captivating representation of repression and its external expression. With a grey flower, transparent white petals, and a violet-to-black stalk enclosed in a square frame of intricate lines, it symbolizes the hidden struggles we carry. Wear this design as a reminder to acknowledge and address inner battles, sparking meaningful conversations about the complexities of human emotions. Embrace the beauty and symbolism of the Ghost Lily, making a profound statement wherever you go. The word “経験” (Keiken) in Japanese translates to “experience” in English. It refers to the knowledge, skills, and understanding gained through personal encounters, activities, or events. Here are all the translations: at the bottom, it says: “経験を抑圧する” (Keiken o yokusei suru) means “suppressing experiences.” On the left side, it reads: “幽霊百合” (Yūrei Yuri) means “Ghost Lily.” In the upper right corner: “経験” (Keiken) means “experience.” And below, the long sentence in Kanji: 経験を抑圧する根の部分で生じる抑圧表面に現れる影響を及ぼす存在しているもの
“Repression that arises in the root parts of experiences exerts influence and appears on the surface of what exists.”

AHalf Chest54.55760636669
BBody Length626470737577
CSleeve Length11.512141617.519

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